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The Greywolves

The Greywolves is a historical re-enactment and live action role-playing society based in Helsinki metropolitan area in Finland.
The Greywolves aim at realistic historical re-enactment, without romanticising the conditions or customs of a certain era. The main emphasis in our activities is on experiencing. We want to know what it would have been like to live in a different time and society, bound by different customs and norms than our own.

Re-enactment is focused on, but not limited to Scandinavian Viking Age as well as 15th-17th century Baltic Sea Region. Live action role-playing games, larps, are a means to relive and re-experience history, but also an independent area of the society’s activities.

The Greywolves started out as a small larp group, but has evolved during its twenty years of existence. The society relies entirely upon volunteer work, and raises funds by membership fees and the income from re-enactment performances. Anyone can join, although the society is mainly a youth organisation.


Live action role-playing is one of the Greywolves’ most central activities. By empathising with the people of old and acquiring their roles we try to get closer to their world, or something that their world could have been. In larp we are not restricted to the Viking Age or the Middle Ages only. Instead we have had a range of larps from Tang Dynasty China to 1950’s Central America. The interests of the members are the only limit. Some larps have been set in more or less imaginary worlds. Rather than focusing on a certain time or place, we aim for a feel of realism and quality. The members arrange several larps a year.


The Greywolves have regular activities from fall to spring. During the summer there are trips to different historical re-enactment events, such as Viking Age or Medieval markets, in Finland as well as around Europe.

The Greywolves have several weekly activities, including battle training on Tuesdays and changing programme including different presentations and workshops on Sundays. Additionally, several handicraft workshops are arranged during the year. The Greywolves also perform in different events.


Are you arranging an event? Do you need a viking to steal the bride or tell the boss off? Or maybe you just need a brisk sword fight to spice up your party? The Greywolves has a re-enactment performance group that can be booked for private events or historical markets. The group is at its best in arranging small humorous battle performances and archery workshops, but we are open to suggestions. The fee is case-specific and will be used to fund the society’s activities.

For more details, please contact our performance representatives Maria von Hertzen, Alexander Tawast, Kalle Kylmänen, and Julius Väliaho,

Become a member

Membership is open for everybody who is interested about re-enactment, living history or larping and accepts the rules of Harmaasudet ry. Membership fee is paid annually, with the membership period starting at January and ending at the turn of the year. Fee covers membership for the calendar year it is paid in. In 2023 membership fee is 25 euros, reduced membership fee 12 euros and supporting membership fee 50 euros. Fee is paid to Harmaasudet ry’s bank account FI34 5780 2420 0001 36 with reference 13 or 1313. Please leave the message field empty.

Membership starts when your application has been accepted and your fee is paid. Scroll down for the application form.

More detailed information about the membership is available in Finnish and you can email our treasurer about all questions regarding your membership. Offical language of Harmaasudet ry is Finnish but some of our activities and announcements are bilingual. We will answer emails also in English.

Treasurer, Niina Manner,

The Board

Board members 2022–2023
Maria von Hertzen, chair
Kalle Kylmänen, vice chair
Niina Manner, treasurer
Meetu Mäkelä, secretary
Aino Suomi, publicist
Alexander Tawast
Julius Väliaho

Board’s vice member
Syksy Vuorilehto

Other officers 2022–2023
Sakari Saaristo, Valeri Saltikoff, and Julius Väliaho, battle
Jonas Fagerlund and Alexander Tawast, handicrafts
Maria von Hertzen, Kalle Kylmänen, Alexander Tawast, and Julius Väliaho, performance
Mikko Heimola, internet
Alexander Tawast, Sunday activities
Konsta Nikkanen, trek
Maria von Hertzen, Kalle Kylmänen, and Alexander Tawast, storage
Maria von Hertzen, and Konsta Nikkanen, trailer
Maria von Hertzen, head organizer of Toimintaviikonloppu
Aino Suomi, Alexander Tawast, Niina Manner, and Maria von Hertzen, web

You can contact the board by email

Contact Us

You can contact us by mail, email or phone, or just come to the next event!

Mailing address

Harmaasudet ry
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Aino Suomi,